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General VigRx Plus Related Questions Reviewed:

  • What Is VigRX Plus for?
    VigRX Plus is an enhanced formula of VigRX, a natural herbal male enhancement supplement designed to promote erections and virility increasing erectile strength, girth, and length of the penis as well as boosting sexual function. The company has added BioPerine® and Damiana to make the formula more powerful and effective. These ingredients make the best male enhancement product better and deliver higher effects. Damiana has been used as a potent aphrodisiac for ages, and BioPerine helps the body to absorb other ingredients more effectively.
  • How does VigRX Plus work?
    The formula contains herbs from all over the world that have proven to enlarge erectile tissues in the penis when it is aroused. The penis has two spongy areas – the corpora cavernosa. When you get excited, these erectile tissues are flooded with blood that causes a natural erection. VigRX Plus is scientifically designed to dilate these erectile tissues. They can accumulate more blood and ensure harder and firmer erections. 5 mg of BioPerine improves the absorption of active ingredients that work quicker.
  • How should I take VigRX Plus™?
    You are recommended taking one pill twice a day to gain the highest effect.
  • Does VigRX Plus™ cause any side effects?
    VigRX Plus™ is a non-prescription natural pill. No side effects are reported. But you should not take more than recommended by the company please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Who is VigRX Plus™ designed for?
    VigRX Plus™ is formulated for men who want to improve their erections, strengthen their libido and lengthen their sexual pleasure. Both partners will be completely satisfied.
  • How long does it take to see real results?
    You may expect the following results: Month One: Longer-lasting erections are the first positive changes you may notice during the first month. Your penis will become wider when erect. Month Two: During this period, your changes will be more dramatic. You will be amazed at your appearance, and your sexual stamina will continue growing. Month Three and More: When you get erections during the third month of the VigRX Plus use and later, you will see that your penis is stronger, firmer, and harder. This is what you have dreamt about.
  • Why is a pill better than a liquid?
    It is important that a customer takes an appropriate dose of the VigRX Plus supplement not to harm his health. A pill contains all active ingredients in a correct dosage while a liquid requires a teaspoon or cup and a dropper that does not guarantee that you take exactly what you need.
  • Is VigRX Plus™ similar to Viagra?
    VigRX Plus™ is a 100% natural formula that contains no chemicals and, thus requires no doctor prescription. It causes no side effects and the herbs nourish your entire body improving your overall sexual health.
  • An average penis size is 6 inches. Does it differ in men of other races or from other countries?
    Based on the Kinsey Report, the most complete study of the penis size, an average penis size among white men equals to 6.2 inches long and 3.7 inches wide while an average black African male has 6.3 inches long and 3.8 inches wide. The difference is only 0.1 inch that is not statistically significant. And VigRX Plus works to increase the size of the penis when erect in all men around the world.


Order Related Questions:

  • What is VigRX Plus™ price?
    The company offers its customer affordable prices, free bonus gifts and discounts for larger orders. Here is how much you may save when purchasing in bulk: 1 box (1-month supply) - $76.99; 2 boxes (2-month supply) - $143.99 (You save $10); 3 boxes (3-month supply) - $205.99 (You save $25); 4 boxes (4-month supply) - $267.99 (You save $40); 5 boxes (5-month supply) - $329.99 (You save $55); 6 boxes (6-month supply) - $384.99 (You save $77); 12 boxes (12-month supply) - $489.99 (You save $434).
  • What guarantee do you offer?
    All customers will get a 67-day money back guarantee. This means that you may try the supplement for two months (two containers) and send the product back if no expected results have been achieved. The company will return your money for the order with no questions asked.
  • How is my credit card charged?
    You may visit or for your credit card charges statement.



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